Understanding Google Panda SEO

computer screen for search engine video marketing articleThe biggest SEO change in 2011 was the implementation of Google Panda, which was the code name for Google’s ranking algorithm.

Read here to appreciate the differences between previous algorithms and Panda’s goal, which is to penalize over-optimized sites that were created using unnatural, non-organic search engine tactics.

We can all agree that there are too many junk sites on the internet. We cannot blame Google for doing what it can to improve the web user’s experience.

After Panda arrived, many high ranking websites lost 50{b836676211964b66ddb1a94012779accd2cb69eec60a63bc16d10fd7c8344bc8} or more traffic and some sites went out of business because no traffic meant no income.  Some penalized sites were in fact high quality content websites that many would argue were treated “unfairly” by Panda, while lower quality sites were left “unpunished”.

Google attempted to address this issue in its updated Panda release in March 2012, but in some instances it was too little or too late to recover older sites that were hardest hit.

Online marketers and businesses that rely on search engine traffic cannot afford to ignore Panda, and now its sequel, Penguin.

Last week I attended a webinar organized by Matt Carter.

The presenter Eric Lancheres claimed to have cracked the Panda code and explained that the Panda algorithm assigns websites with what he referred to as an ‘SEO quality score’.

So, where do you find your ‘SEO quality score’?  It is actually hidden! Apparently, Google does not show it to you because they don’t want you to tweak your site to improve it unnaturally.

In June last year I posted about search engine video marketing, noting that what works today may not, and probably will not work the same way in the future. Panda is no different.

Search engine tactics are dynamic, continuously changing, sometimes improving, sometimes causing havoc.  It is hard to keep up. Google is already rolling out its Penguin sequel, but that does not replace Panda.  Panda is here to stay. More about the Penguin later.

Relying primarily on keywords as your SEO strategy is not as effective post-Panda.  The new algorithm sees highly keyword indexed sites as content farms and automatically penalizes them by assigning a low search engine quality score.

The remedy is to create a healthy combination of quality content, dynamic navigation, relevant internal links to keep visitors on your site, and to use only targeted, natural and genuine keywords. Panda dislikes anything it perceives as artificial.

Older sites were able to see their pre-Panda and post-Panda traffic statistics.  If your site has come online in the past 12 months, you may not know you have a low quality score.

To learn more about how to please Panda with proper internal linking, dynamic navigation, quality content and more, click here to continue reading.

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