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I first wrote in 2011 about the explosion in search engine video marketing. We all know that trends change rapidly online and when it comes to making money on the internet,  the big boys seek out and ride the latest wave while it is gaining momentum.

“First in, best dressed” as the saying goes.

Remember when Facebook was purely a social networking site? It was not that long ago.

Now Facebook has become a vast internet marketing arena for e-commerce, and a breeding ground for new careers such as social networking managers.

While ethical business practices will stand the test of time, the same cannot be said about online marketing strategies. What is working today may not, and probably will not, work tomorrow.

We could be forgiven for thinking that Facebook is No.1, but let us not forget that YouTube video marketing, specifically search engine video marketing,  is a trend that grew by 20{b836676211964b66ddb1a94012779accd2cb69eec60a63bc16d10fd7c8344bc8} in 2011, and has been rapidly and strongly exploding ever since in YouTube and other video hosting sites.

Which links are ranking high in Google, and fast? Sure, top companies that have hundreds of pages and backlinks to their website.

BUT another trend has been apparent since 2011, where through the use of videos on websites and in marketing campaigns, the little guy has also been getting indexed on the first few pages of Google search listings. 

In 2015, video marketing continues to play an important role in getting good search engine results, when done properly. 

Do a Google search using “how to” keywords. For example, search for “how to play the guitar, “how to cook”, or “how to make money from a blog” and you will notice that links from YouTube and other video providers are on listed on almost every first page of Google search results. 

Search Engines Still Like To Index Videos

Videos, especially ‘how-to’ videos, provided they are tagged with targeted keywords, are still getting indexed faster and ranked better than static pages or even dynamic blogs without video content.  

Video marketing is here to stay.  People don’t want to read or be told.  They want to be shown.  Smart marketers know that hitting the play button can bring the customer one step closer to hitting the buy button.   

Software that enables average users to create, post and distribute professional looking videos without using cameras or taking footage but by copying and pasting from existing materials online are now prevalent in the marketplace.  Search through YouTube and you will find an increasing number of such materials.

People are tired of static information.  They want to interact, and Google made a smart move when it bought YouTube and did not tinker with the YouTube brand or formula. Google knows that the click-thru rate on video links are winning the race. 

But there are also a flood of amateur and gimmicky marketing videos out there.  Yes, people want to be shown, rather than to be told or to read, but they also don’t want to watch advertising unless the content provides unbiased and relevant information about a product or service.  

Personally I like to watch video reviews of products I am thinking of buying.  Especially videos that do brand comparisons and actually show how each product performs.      

When the video advertorial momentum stabilizes, search engine algorithms will take that into account, but for now Google likes videos, and savvy marketers can continue to cash in on the potential of videos to a attract a search engine advantage.

Bear in mind that search engines communicate better with “text”, not images or videos.  Always accompany videos with text-based information.  If your video content can be transcribed into text and you include the transcript with your keywords, the greater the chance for a better ranking. People may not read the text, but the search bots will. 

Quality videos may continue to provide an advantage in ranking, but that trend won’t be around forever, especially if the video is purely promotional rather than genuinely informational. 

Including quality text content and targeted keywords are still the best bet for being found and well ranked by search engines.

The Future of SERPS Is Structured Data Markup

Of course trends, by their very nature,  are ever changing.  While video marketing will continue to have advantages for positive search engine results, and more importantly for sales conversions, it is becoming clear that when it comes to search engine rankings, other important metrics, such as proper structured data schema markups, are going to have greater weight going forward.   

I attended a training class at Wealthy Affiliate conducted by Jay (Magistudios) on the “Ultimate Guide to Structure Data Markup”.  Jay showed us the results of his case study in adding structure data mark up to his website content and the positive resultant impact on his SERPs (search engine results position). 

Clearly this is going to be the next big trend in getting well ranked not only in Google search, but also in the search engines of the schema markup project contributors, Bing, Yahoo and Yandex.  Those who use videos to provide quality information to viewers plus add proper schema markup to their sites will gain a major competitive advantage in achieving the top search results.

You are welcome to watch Jay’s video (free) if you want to get a jump on this growing trend.   In his usual easy going and clear style, Jay explains it in a way that someone with no knowledge of this topic will easily understand it. 

Click here or on the image to watch the video aired live at Wealthy Affiliate on August 1, 2015

Video  Training Class on Structured Data Markup


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