Are You A Blogger or Affiliate Marketer

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A friend asked me a question that gave me pause for thought. She asked: “Are you a blogger or are you an affiliate marketer who blogs for profit?”

Her question gave me a jolt because I never thought of the two things as an either-or activity. When I first started blogging, I thought it would be a chore but a necessity for marketing online.

Think Twice Before Accepting Free Gifts

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There are times when we should think twice about accepting free gifts from a business, especially when we are just starting out as a new customer. Giving ‘free’ gifts is a common business practice.

Sometimes such gifts are a genuine gesture of customer appreciation. But most of us understand it is done to provide an incentive to retain customer loyalty.

I was reminded of this post upon receiving a free offer from my electricity service. They offered to send me 2 free movie tickets valued at $22 per ticket. That’s the good side of privatizing the utilities services. /p

Using Link Shorteners Inside Emails Is Risky

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The Aweber blog has an interesting article about the risk of using public link shorteners inside email messages. After testing, they found it increases the risk of the email not being delivered.

They discuss two factors.  First,  emails containing public shortening links, such as or tinyurl, have a greater chance of being blocked by Internet Service Providers (ISPs). Second,  many people hesitate to click on a cloaked link in an email because they don’t know where it will send them.

Free vs Paid Autoresponder Services

Free vs Paid Autoresponders

This post is about what you need to consider before choosing an Autoresponder (AR) service.

In the second part, I discuss free vs paid autoresponder tools and services.

An AR is an automated email tool. Businesses use it to send announcements and newsletters to boost sales and build subscriber relationships.

I do not know of any successful online marketer who does not use an autoresponder. It is an essential and powerful tool.

The ONE Secret To Success

It was Woody Allen who said “80 percent of success is just showing up”.  That is so true.  And that means showing up the second time, the third time and as many times as necessary to achieve a goal. Think about it, if you don’t show up, nothing happens, you don’t even get started. You …

Free Trial Offers: What You Must Know

FTC video Free Trials Can Cost You

Are free trial offers really free, or is there usually a catch?

These offers can be an effective and legitimate marketing strategy to attract new customers.


Many free trials options are genuine.

But there are occasions when the small print has conditions that you would not agree to if you knew about or fully understood them.