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Chances are you landed on this website because you are looking for a way to earn legitimate income online.  If you are anything like me, you’re tired of the hype and false promises.

You want answers and the truth to questions such as: Can I make money with no investment?  Do I need my own website? If so, how do I make money with a website? How long does it take?

The Demise of WakeUpNow: Review Update

Video Image - WUN

The Wake Up Now opportunity is gone. Wake Up Now [WUN] was a network marketing discount coupon deal company.

Back in 2013, WUN surpassed the ranks of the then popular and now-known-as-scam Empower Network. It appears that they have succumbed to a similar fate. Innovation and some good features was not enough to make up for total mismanagement and an inherently weak and faulty business model.

We can learn to avoid the risks that come with business downfalls if we understand why they failed.

Reality Check: 7 Internet Marketing Myths

internet marketing myths and facts

An online friend sent me an email a few weeks ago informing me that he is quitting internet marketing. I knew he was ranked high in Google and other search engines, so I was surprised that he would quit.

I assumed that because he ranked high in the search engines, he must be successful.  My friend set me straight, “Getting to No.1 on Google does not guarantee money in the bank.That’s a myth.”

Herbalife FTC Investigation Outcome

The Federal Trade Commission ordered multi-level company Herbalife to restructure its entire business. A $200 million settlement was reached to repay people who had been taken in by the company’s misleading moneymaking claims.

The FTC sends out settlement refund checks to nearly 350,000 people who lost money in Herbalife businesses.

The goal of my post, together with the documentary video (especially the question and answer session at the end), is to help your understanding of what to look out for when considering any MLM business. Multi-level marketing, when structured legally, is a legitimate business model. Unfortunately too many bad apples operate in the industry.


SEO Tips – Improve Google Rank

SEO intro - improving page rank

I was searching for an introduction to SEO and how to improve page rank in Google to share with readers. And there, in my inbox, was an email from search engine optimization specialist Lisa Parmley with a link to her free tutorial on search engines.

Lisa’s “Introduction to SEO” is an excellent tutorial for business website owners interested in receiving organic traffic from search engines and getting their web pages ranked in Google and other search engines. The link to the SEO tutorial is at the end of this post.

To Quit Or Not To Quit

Do Not Quit

Time to quit? Some people quit. That’s what they do. For others, quitting is never an option. I would guess that, like me, you too have faced your share of life’s twists and turns and obstacles. That is a common challenge for many of us.

To quit or not to quit. How many times has that thought crossed your mind?

No one wants to hit their head against a stone wall. When things go wrong, as they sometimes will… how will you choose to respond? Winners don’t quit, but it is okay to change direction.