Search Engine Video Marketing Explosion

Search engine video marketing is exploding. Trends change rapidly online and when it comes to making money on the internet,  the big boys seek out and ride the latest wave while it is gaining momentum.

“First in, best dressed” as the saying goes.

Remember when Facebook was purely a social networking

Get Rich Click, by Marc Ostrofsky

I watched today’s episode of The View (June 09, 2011).  A guest on the show was internet entreprenuer and author Marc Ostrofsky, who gave viewers some pointers on making money online.

Ostrofsky’s recently published book Get Rich Click (May 2011) has become a New York Times Bestseller.  It is also No. 1 at Barnes and Noble,  No. 1 in  the Wall Street Journal,  No. 1 in

Auto Wealth Maker

Auto Wealth Maker Software

This is not a review of Auto Wealth Maker. I offer personal observations based on my own experience with the product and the membership site.

Auto Wealth Maker [AWM] is promoted as a “Killer Niche Site & Traffic Generation Product That You Can Be Proud To Promote”. Is this the reality?

Google Images Hijack Malware

Do we still need to worry in the year 2018 about getting infected by malware through a picture we download? You might recall that a few years ago we heard news about thousands of Google Images being infected with poisonous malware.

The problem was not new, but back then the incidents of malicious image search results were increasing.