Is It Your Online Business Or Just A Game

funny mouse web toolIt is never too late to think about the pros and cons of having your own online business. Not everyone seeking to make money online wants to have a business.

Be clear:  Is it your business or just a game?

Some people are content just to make a little extra cash, dabbling here and there.

For them, it’s a hobby, something they do in their spare time.

And that’s fine. (I did that for years!) Not everyone should be their own boss. It has nothing to do with intelligence, but more to do with personal goals and discipline. Human nature being what it is, we want to believe it is possible to make money fast, to build a list of thousands in a few days, to make free money. We want to believe the internet is a magic tool, with magic buttons.

At some point we need to decide: is it a business, or a game? Our approach and our results will depend on our underlying attitude and our commitment. If we want to create real income, we must decide to treat our online marketing as a real business.

And we must make a total commitment to it and persist, otherwise we are just playing a game. I love the quote about the power of persistence:

 Consider the postage stamp. Its usefulness consists in the ability to stick to one thing till it gets there. ~ Josh Billings

Goodbye Hobby. Hello Business!

It is easy to fall into the trap of believing that the grass is greener on the other side of the hill, but it usually depends on what price we are willing to pay to have greener grass. For some people, the price is too high.

An acquaintance of mine decided last year to give up her day job to make it online. After four months of learning the ropes, she was starting to make money, and her future looked promising. I was a bit envious, because turning a profit online seemed much easier for her than it was for me. She achieved in a few months what took me years to do!   I had to find out her secret.

Then a turning point came. Within a few weeks of launching her new website, it was maliciously hacked.   She felt violated, invaded.  She went running back to her old job and wanted nothing more to do with earning her living online.  The price to work online was too high for her.

Will there be tough times? Yes, but that is part of having your own business. If you are going to succeed online, you need to take control,  keep moving forward and not give up when things get tough.

A person cannot learn to swim without getting into the water.  It’s the same with creating and building a business.  You can follow the training courses, read, ask questions, plan, organize.  But you must put it into practice.

It helps to remember the positive side of working online:  no commuting, having more time for yourself and your family, no boss to deal with, being in control of your time and your future.

Everyone wants success, but few attain their desired results because knowledge, skills, tools and the right attitude will help you get started, but without a blueprint to follow, you can end up spinning your wheels.   You must take action according to your plan.

Cat Out Of The Bag on an honest, ethical business
Courtesy Comic Generator

It’s okay to change your plan as required.  There is no point hitting your head against a brick wall.  Changing your plan is not the same as quitting.  It just means following a different path.

Click the banner to your left to check out the path that I am following.  If you decide to join me, I’ll be there to give you a helping hand.

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  • I oftentimes will have people complain to me that they’re not seeing any results Jude. When I ask them what they’ve been doing it’s obvious that they’re not really serious about it. There comes a time when they have to make up their minds, you’re right about that.

    Creating a business online is just like having a job offline. You have to put in the work to learn the job and then it’s going to take time before you start seeing a profit. That’s just part of life.

    Along the way stuff happens. Just like your friend getting hacked I would think that would have just been a learning process for her and keep going. I hate to hear that it freaked her out so much that she ran back to corporate America. Dang!

    To me it’s worth all the time, money and education I have put in to learn this process. In the long run it’s going to be something you definitely can be very proud of. It’s all yours.


    • Hi Adrienne, I agree, it boils down to whether we think its worth the time, money and learning that is required. It is also about the journey itself, no matter what the outcome. There are lessons along the way that make it interesting and sometimes we end up in a different place than we thought initially, but it is where we are supposed to be.

      My friend quit, but I think she has regret about that now and is planning a comeback. I’ve seen that often, people come and go online. It is all about commitment and determination!

      Thanks for dropping in. I always appreciate your comments and I’m sure my visitors will too.

      Adrienne, I plan to stop by and check out more of your excellent material. I watched a video of the testimonial you did on Sylvia Nuccio’s site. You look and sound exactly like you write – all that energy and beautiful smile. You rock!


  • Hi Jude,

    I like your style. Very positive. I wrote a similar article but I find your point about not everyone wanting to be their own boss interesting and probably true. I also want to thank you for welcoming me in a couple of John Thornhill’s Facebook groups. I’m looking forward to your next post.

    Keep in touch,


    • Hello Guy,

      Nice to see you here. I’m glad you like my style.

      You can’t go wrong when you follow John Thornhill.

      I look forward to visiting your site and getting to know you better.

      Thank you for dropping by. I appreciate your feedback.


  • Hi Jude,

    I think it’s a question that everyone has to face at some point : do you want your online business to be a “business” or just a game, or a hobby.

    I think when you make the transition into business mode things get a little more serious and results can come sooner because you really focus on your goals.

    Great article,


    • Hello Noel, wonderful to see you here. I’ve been browsing over at your site too. Sorry about the security issues you had a while back. Glad you are back on track now.

      You are right in mentioning “focus on your goals”. I agree, when we have a commitment to be a “business”, it tends to sharpen our focus, which in turn helps to improve our results.

      Thanks for stopping by and see you again soon!


  • Hi Jude

    I totally agree that “Changing your plan is not the same as quitting. It means following a different path” Better to fail by trying than fail by not trying.

    I’ve recently finished a big project over the last three years…and my family and friends have the impression I now need to get a J-O-B somewhere, despite the fact that I’ve been making a nice living online for a few years…

    It seems sometimes that sitting in front of the MAC is not considered to be working by some. I am so motivated not to share their early morning commutes to a job I don’t want…I’m highly motivated to continue being my own boss.

    I like your little graphic on your sidebar hello…made me smile :)


    • Hello Steve,

      Glad my little graphic made you smile!

      When people indicate that sitting in front of a computer is somehow not real work, remind them that Bill Gates did the same thing!

      Giving up the morning commute to a job we don’t want is definitely a great motivator for many people. I sure don’t miss the morning commute, or the office politics.

      Thanks for dropping by. I will be over to visit your blog. I like your heading “Keeping Internet Marketing Strategies Simple”. If there is one thing I have learned, it’s that we human beings tend to complicate things unnecessarily. Sometimes that tendency makes our progress more challenging than it needs to be.

      Enjoy your weekend!


  • Hi Jude

    I think so many of us were delusional when we entered the online business world. Who knew it would take so much work or that it would take forever to be found. How many never realized it would cost more than a domain and hosting fee to succeed, if at all.

    Not sure where I am going with the online world and will have to keep reinventing myself. I am sure the answers will eventually come. Dropping a few things has been a stress relief.


    • Mary, I think it was easier a few years ago to get results from link placements and simple websites. Nowadays we have to work harder and smarter.

      I’m glad that dropping a few things from your workload has helped. Sometimes we just need to clear the clutter and distractions in order to see the road head more clearly.

      Thanks for stopping by and your feedback. I really enjoyed the recent post on your blog, as you can see by the long comment I left…lol.

      Take care,

  • Hi Jude,

    I think in any business, online or offline, you have to be prepared to change when your business is not performing according to your plans.

    Perhaps your friend realized that an online business is a lot of work and, for many the compensation for that work is minimal. Even though she was making some money perhaps it was not as much as she was earning at her 9-5 job.

    Possibly, she wanted to give up and being hacked was a good excuse without losing face.

    Thanks for sharing.


    • Hello Dita,

      I know what you mean about needing an “excuse” to quit something. Part of the problem is that people believe the myth that they can succeed more quickly online than offline. But the principles of success are no different online than offline.

      When they realize that challenges and roadblocks are everywhere and the reality is nothing like the hype, it’s a different story. My friend told me the one good thing to come out her experience is that she now appreciates her “job” more and is grateful to have it in these difficult economic times.

      Great to see you and thanks for visiting. I enjoyed your feedback.


  • Yes people do see the hype of fast internet riches and fall into that trap. I know I did and I still sometimes find myself checking out the next 49 dollar push button system.

    But after a while I tell myself that there is no quick rich scheme.

    There are some great Internet businesses that do work but it is a case of finding them amongst all the rubbish.

    I also think you have to build momentum and put the time and massive effort in at the start to get your business rolling and seeing results. A lot of people will give up way too soon before this happens then blame the system. Thanks for your post, Jude.

    Gordon Powles

    • Hi Gordon,

      Building momentum is a great strategy once you know you are on the right path in your business. I agree, many people quit too soon; some quit before they even get started when they realize the full extent of the work involved to get results.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I enjoyed visiting your site too.

      See your around,


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