Make Money vs Income vs Wealth

If you have been working to improve your financial status, you have probably learned that making money is not the same as creating income, and creating income is not the same as creating wealth.

Many of us stumble online without having a clear goal at the outset. All we know is that we want to make money.

In my first few years online, the internet was a hobby. I did not have a specific goal or direction. I was content for a long time because, after all, it was just a game. Taking care of my family came first, my career second, and everything else was a pastime.

Money Hands

Then my circumstances changed and so did my priorities. I needed to create long-term income. I joined a popular advertising network that paid commissions on multiple levels.  It appeared to be a solid opportunity at reasonable cost.

Although my commissions were small at first, the income was steady, reliable and, to my amazement, continued to grow steadily.

My referrals were paying the monthly membership fee and buying the advertising products.  It was an easy system to duplicate.  I loved it.  At last I had transitioned from just making a little money here and there to a path of creating income for the future.

You might be thinking, okay, she is coming to her pitch and is about to give us her affiliate links!  I wish that were so.  But no.  Disaster struck.

One day, I was not able to log in to the website for the ‘program’ I was promoting.   My worst nightmare came true. We learned that the main server had crashed, and the entire business was wiped out. Everything disappeared overnight. They had no workable backups.

It is risky to pin your income plans on such online programs, even popular ones.

Creating income requires a different approach to just making money.

“The good news is that the gap between creating income and creating wealth is surprisingly small and is usually only a matter of scale.” ~Dave Gray

Ways To Increase Your Cash Online

1.  Make Money

Making money online is a simple process to understand, though not easy to do. You can sell products or services as a reseller or affiliate. Better still, if you can create and sell your own products or services, you will be ahead of the herd. You can make money, but you will have to keep creating and selling.

Another method is to join a multilevel marketing program [MLM]. The advantage is the leverage built into the referral model.  You are paid not only on your own efforts but a percentage of the efforts of people in your downline.

Unfortunately, the majority of people don’t get beyond the ‘make money’ stage.  That is because the process of building a multilevel business network is like trying to fill a container that has a big hole in its bottom.

Often downline members do little or nothing, despite a sponsor’s best efforts to help, support and encourage them.  People are constantly dropping out through the hole in the bottom of the container.  It is possible to build a network so big that it takes on a driving force of its own so you don’t have to work as hard, but only a small percentage of marketers achieve this.

2. Create Income

Create an innovative product, and patent it.  Or create something artistic that becomes popular and turns into a classic. Do this once, and with each sale or re-use of your creation, you will receive royalty payments.  Do the work once and get paid for it over and over again. This is the best kind of income, wouldn’t you agree?

Another way to create income is to establish a business to supply products that customers will continue to buy from you repeatedly, such as a subscription based information service, membership site, or a consumable product that requires ongoing supply.

3. Create Wealth

I have observed a common pathway followed by successful marketers who reach six and seven figure incomes. They often start out as direct sellers or affiliates (making money); they move on to create their own products and/or online programs (creating income); and then, they transition from just selling their own products to having an army of affiliates promoting their products for them (creating wealth).

“If the ladder is not leaning against the right wall, every step we take just gets us to the wrong place faster.” ~Stephen R. Covey

4. Place Your Ladder Against The Right Wall

ladder to successful earnings

Unless you are passionate about a project or hobby, which is great, most of us are marketing online because we want to improve our financial situation.

Do you think it is useful to distinguish between these objectives – make money, create income, create wealth?  Can you think of other goals?   Please share your views in the comment section.

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To Your Success!

Jude Banks - Bridging The Gap


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  • Jude,

    Dang, I was waiting to find out which advertising site you were using. I’m so sorry that happened and if they were a business I’m shocked they had no backup at all.

    You gave a great explanation of what people expect or hope when they come online. I know in the beginning although I needed and wanted the income I still wasn’t treating it like a business. I’ll be honest with you, a lot of this was over my head because I had never done anything like this before. I had the employee mindset still and it took some education to finally understand everything I needed to do to bring in a steady income.

    Thank you for sharing this with us and here is to your success.


    • Adrienne,

      I sent you the name of the site privately. I chose not to name them publicly. They were not bad people, just incompetent for letting that happen.

      I love your blog and your whole approach to online marketing. If I can achieve even half of what you have, I’ll be very happy!

      Thanks bunches for dropping by. I really appreciate it. I’ll be around to your site again soon. It’s always fun and informative.


  • Hey Jude,

    I really enjoyed your post so I had to “tweet” it!

    The most important thing that I’ve learned during my 2 years online is the importance of having a marketing funnel in place, that sells affiliate products on autopilot and can generate an upfront cashflow which can be put back into advertising; and that helps me to grow my online business like nothing else I’ve tired before.


    • Hi Akos,

      I agree with you, having a funnel in place is vital. I am just starting to set up another site to help me do exactly that.

      I enjoyed reading your blog. Amazing what you have achieved in such a short time, and learning English too!

      Congrats! Just goes to show what motivation, hard work, and a little help from technology can do!

      I’ve tweeted your blog too. Thanks for stopping by and sharing.


  • What a nightmare for you to wake up one day and try to log in to your site for it to be wiped out! I was surprised to read that they had not backed up the site, maybe they were not as good as they made themselves out to be… I am always wary about signing up with these type of sites.

    I like to have multiple streams of income coming in, rather than relying on just one thing, if you only have one form of income and something happens you are left with nothing…

    Thanks for sharing, hope you have a great day.

    • Hi Pauline,

      You make a good point about having other forms of income should something happen with one stream. The challenge is in keeping that in balance without losing focus on priorities. The solution is to implement a business model whereby we can focus on one ONE business, your business, for which we have created a sales funnel and through which we can offer other relevant products or services.

      I’ve seen many people spread themselves too thin by trying to promote too many different things without any focus.

      Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. I really appreciate it.


  • Hi Jude

    Thanks for the pep-talk and getting my mind working in a different direction. I get focused and then get a little discouraged as to where this is all leading. I really need to explore all the possibilities of what I could do.

    I have a plan, but not a “real goal plan”. All I do know is I need things to change. Been under the whether for a few days and this has not helped to keep me focused. Will have to plot out some real definite plans of action.

    Thanks for the great post.


  • Hi Mary,

    I understand what you mean by asking “where is this all heading”.

    But the question doesn’t need to come up if we establish a clear goal first (we decide where we are going).

    Then we make the plan.

    Then we act on the plan.

    Along the way, we may have to adjust the goal, the plan or the action, but it always comes back to that basic 3-part process.

    I enjoyed reading your blog. Change is constant, and good memories can help to ground and balance us so we don’t topple over when all that change is swirling around us…LOL

    Thanks for stopping by and your feedback. It’s what makes blogging so much fun. I am now following you on Twitter.

    Take care,


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