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SEO intro - improving page rankI was searching for an introduction to SEO and how to improve page rank in Google to share with readers. And there, in my inbox, was an email from search engine optimization specialist Lisa Parmley with a link to her free tutorial on search engines.

Lisa’s “Introduction to SEO” is an excellent tutorial for business website owners interested in receiving organic traffic from search engines and getting their web pages ranked in Google and other search engines. The link to the SEO tutorial is at the end of this post.

Some website owners might ask why they should bother to learn SEO after reading opinions that search engine marketing is in its dying days. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Old school SEO is out. It is not necessary to be overly obsessed with keywords and getting ranked. The worst thing one can do is to try to write for search engines instead of humans.  That’s not to say one should ignore implementing search engine basics.

Effective search optimization these days is more about providing valuable content, using natural keywords, having genuine quality back links, and avoiding common site optimization mistakes.

Why Learn SEO Basics

Search engine optimization is a process of increasing the visibility of web pages in the search engines. More visibility means that more people will find your website. This is a basic fact that will never change. Search engines make it possible for one website or one web page to be found in seconds. Think about it, with hundreds of millions of websites and growing daily, how good is that?

Understanding how search engines work is vital to attracting more website visitors, which in turn can lead to greater online success.

Those who don’t take time up front to apply SEO principles could be leaving money on the table. I was one of those people, but I’m wising up fast!  Doing SEO effectively means getting free traffic (more targeted site visitors interested in your niche or topic), which is vital to any online business.

Some people will think,  “I’ll outsource it”. By all means outsource, but it will serve you well to have a basic SEO education so that you will know whom to trust and the value that an expert promises to bring to your business. 

SEO Case Study

I’ve been learning about search engine optimization at Wealthy Affiliate and applied what I learned to one of my older posts to see if it would make a difference in ranking and traffic. It did!

My post (about autoresponders) was ranked on page 10 in Google search before applying SEO revisions.

The ranking after applying SEO revisions is below.

Key Phrase Page Rank - Jaaxy Result

Needless to say, I am going through my posts to leverage my keywords according to the method taught at Wealthy Affiliate. I have a long way to go, but at least now I know exactly what to do and how to do it.

Getting high ranking for some obscure keywords means nothing if your keywords are not driving traffic to the appropriate listing in the Google search index.

Google Analytics shows that traffic to the above post was an average of 12 visits monthly in the previous 6 months, with a 0{b836676211964b66ddb1a94012779accd2cb69eec60a63bc16d10fd7c8344bc8} click through rate – dismal.

In the first month since optimizing the title and keywords, the post has received 36 visitors, 3 clicks, and one visitor signed up to the recommended autoresponder.

Converting Your Content To Sales

It doesn’t matter how many visitors arrive on your site if no one ever buys or joins anything. The content must both rank and convert.

I realize the instance above is a modest example of progress; it does, however, show that the SEO principles we are taught at Wealthy Affiliate do work.


Build Your Online Business The Right Way


How Do Search Engines ‘Think’

Google would have us believe that with the Hummingbird search engine update, its search engines now understand the meaning of words. A common example often mentioned around the web is that when we search for a word such as “jaguar” we mean the car, not the animal.

In actuality the search bot is filtered to deliver the most frequently used word and its meaning, which in the case of “jaguar” is the car. If we type in the search field “jaguar in jungle”, it will know we mean the animal, otherwise most of the results will refer to cars.

It is not the search engine bots that do the “thinking”; it is the human beings who enter the keywords into the search field. When writing content, it helps to keep this in mind – write for people, not for search engines.

Tutorial – An Introduction to SEO – Free

As I mentioned, I would like to share an introduction to SEO written by Lisa Parmley, a specialist in search engine optimization. Her guide is easy to read, includes visual graphics and a clear breakdown of how search engines function and how to move forward with traffic building strategies.

If your eyes glaze over at the mere mention of keyword research, like mine used to, Lisa’s tutorial will help you gain a deeper understanding of why you would want to know how to use search engine optimization to your advantage.

The tutorial is easy to follow, yet covers the topic in depth, and includes:

  • The myths involved with keywords and link building
  • A list of free Keyword Tools with brief details on each
  • 44 on-site factors and their signal strength, and more

I use the Jaaxy Keyword Tool—yes that is my affiliate link.  Jaaxy is owned by Wealthy Affiliate and is an added cost to my premium membership.

Premium members at Wealthy Affiliate have full access to the in-house WA keyword tool at no added cost.  It does the job well.

However, I prefer the extra features and speed of Jaaxy, so I decided to pay for the bells and whistles before the price went up in September 2017.  The price of the state-of-art JaaxyPro is less than most high-end keyword services.  Plus Jaaxy has a great affiliate program that helps to offset the extra cost.   Anyone can join and do 30 free searches to test it out.

I found Lisa Parmley’s tutorial a valuable resource for anyone who can’t seem to get their head around search engine optimization and its benefits. You won’t have to sign up or opt-in. Lisa’s tutorial is free to access directly from the web.

If you are skeptical about SEO, or think it is all too hard, Lisa’s guide will help you gain a deeper understanding of why you would really want to learn about SEO in the first place.

Click Here for the Introduction to SEO by Lisa Parmley

Getting traffic is important but useless if your website is not converting that traffic into sales.

Ready to learn more about how to make your website profitable? Get help with creating, building and managing a website for your online business – visit the link below.

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  • Excellent post Jude!

    This post is fantastic and reminds me that I should be improving the SEO on my site, especially seeing as it’s a relatively new site so now is the perfect time to be doing so!

    I hope to chat with you about SEO techniques in the future over on Wealthy Affiliate!

    Take care!

    • Luke, thank you for visiting and taking up your valuable time to leave your comment. After having my eyes opened at Wealthy Affiliate, I am on a continuous improvement campaign to keep on learning and improving SEO. For far too long I put this aspect of marketing on the back burner.

      I look forward to chatting with you again at WA soon. I am visiting your site now and look forward to having a good browse there. You have a lot of interesting and helpful topics and so well presented.

      Again, thanks for dropping by.


  • That’s pretty cool Jude that you were able to go back and rank an older post. As you know, I don’t pay that much attention to SEO only because it changes so often that I don’t want to set myself up for failure down the road I guess.

    I do the basics and I do get traffic from that so I know that with the little I do it’s still working well. I would be interested in checking out Lisa’s guide though because I’m sure there is plenty that I could brush up on.

    Thanks for sharing this and best of luck to you with improving your search results.


    • I know what you mean about the SEO rules changing so often. For example, Google recently announced that it will reduce the rank of sites that show banners and ads above the fold. Images are okay, but if the images contain links that redirect the visitor off your site, they see this as not a good user experience. This will impact millions of sites. Most banners are placed above the fold, and many sites even have them in the header.

      I can understand Google’s reasoning about this. There is more information and recommendation on the action to take on Jay’s blog over at Wealthy Affiliate:

      I don’t advocate relying solely on search engines for traffic. Nor do I think it is something to get obsessed about.

      Adrienne, your articles are exactly what search engines love! They are written naturally to engage with your audience and provide valuable content, so I don’t think you have anything to worry about. You will also get well ranked because of the huge volume of comments on your site.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I appreciate it. ~ Jude

  • Learning SEO basics definitely goes a long way.

  • Really nice post Jude. Very informative and the website look super.

  • Hi Jude,

    This is a great piece. Very informative. I didn’t know about having too many ads above the fold. Things change so quickly. I have also bookmarked both your site and Lisa’s course. I like the fact that you have used your name for marketing purposes too. I will be visiting again to take advantage of your experience! Thanks so much!

    Kind regards,

    • Thanks Devan, I’m glad you found the article informative. Thanks for bookmarking, and I appreciate your feedback. SEO is a big topic and Lisa’s intro is a good way to get the lay of the land, so to speak. There’s also excellent SEO training at WA. I look forward to seeing you around in the community. ~ Jude

  • I am always on the outlook for information to improve my site and it’s performance. As a newbie, I want to understand how SEO can help my site. I understand that keyword selection is invaluable to ranking. I want to generate more traffic to my site, but have been using free keyword tools. Since you recommend Jaxxy based on your positive experience with a change in keywords, I will see if I can budget it in. Thanks

    • Hello Cindy, it is okay to use free keyword tools, especially in the beginning as a stepping stone. I find that nothing in life is totally free. We end up paying with our time and the extra effort needed, though that’s fair when our budget is tight.

      You might want to read Dean’s recent post at WA, comparing Jaaxy vs Google Keyword Tool – – he clearly explains the full power of Jaaxy and it boils down to a matter of timing priorities and finances.

      Thanks so much for stopping by. I appreciate your feedback. ~Jude

  • Excellent post Jude!

    I really appreciate the free SEO tutorial you provided along with this wonderful free and valuable information you’ve provided for us all. I love this article, and your explanation of the truth when it comes to today’s SEO standards.

    This has been one of the most informative SEO posts I’ve read in awhile, also the most insightful.

    Just knowing that quality content, and utilizing good keywords as being some of the main basic premises of ranking highly in Google can actually be comforting to starting bloggers and content creators like myself! It also in a way makes the field for affiliate marketers especially, seem more professional.


    • Thank you for your feedback, Peter. I appreciate your stopping by, taking the time to read and your thoughtful comments. I’m glad you found the post informative. I am looking forward to visiting your website. ~Jude

  • Thanks for this outstanding post. I have recently launched a website and I want to improved its page rank and that’s why was looking to learn that how to improve page rank and hopefully I found your article that teaches me that how to improve page rank in Google and I will surely implement all of the above tips that you have shared. Thanks a lot once again.

  • Thank you for this amazing information. I have been reading many of the articles and posts on your website. I wish to read some more great content like this in the future. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

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