Get Rich Click, by Marc Ostrofsky

I watched today’s episode of The View (June 09, 2011).  A guest on the show was internet entreprenuer and author Marc Ostrofsky, who gave viewers some pointers on making money online.

Ostrofsky’s recently published book Get Rich Click (May 2011) has become a New York Times Bestseller.  It is also No. 1 at Barnes and Noble,  No. 1 in  the Wall Street Journal,  No. 1 in USA Today, and currently ranked second in sales at Amazon.

Ostrofsky is a true internet expert who has started, funded, built, sold and still operates online businesses. His internet firms gross over $75 million annually.

His ‘ultimate guide to making money online’, includes how to make money with social media, domains, information marketing, affiliate marketing and a great chapter on how to make money starting with no money!

The endorsements and testimonials for this book are impressive – Jack Canfield, Dr Stephen R. Covey, Steve Wozniak and many more.

Amazon has the lowest price for this book. Scroll over the cover with your mouse to get more details. The Kindle edition is an even lower price so you can start reading in a few seconds, and you do not need to own a Kindle.  You will be able to read it on one of the Free Reading apps for PC, MAC, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry or Android Phone.

If you don’t mind paying a little more, visit the author’s website here, where he offers a bonus and free gifts when you buy directly from him.


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