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5 Ways To Boost Web Traffic

5 tFree Traffic Methods

Traffic is the fuel for any online business. Nothing happens until people visit your web page. Then maybe your links will convert into leads, subscribers, signups or sales.

In this post I discuss 5 traffic methods to boost website traffic and attract visitors.

Structure Data Markup – A Competitive Edge

Schema-based structured data markups enable rich snippets to be displayed in search with greater value and authority.

Anyone using it to the full extent will have an edge in attracting organic search engine traffic, at least until the practice becomes mainstream.

SEO Tips – Improve Google Rank

SEO intro - improving page rank

I was searching for an introduction to SEO and how to improve page rank in Google to share with readers. And there, in my inbox, was an email from search engine optimization specialist Lisa Parmley with a link to her free tutorial on search engines.

Lisa’s “Introduction to SEO” is an excellent tutorial for business website owners interested in receiving organic traffic from search engines and getting their web pages ranked in Google and other search engines. The link to the SEO tutorial is at the end of this post.

Choosing Keywords The Right Way

Google Keywords

In previous posts I wrote about Google’s algorithm changes.

Let’s not tie ourselves up in knots or become obsessed about what Google does or does not do with its algorithms. Google’s goal is simple. They want to see high quality sites that create a good user experience.

Here is a quick summary of what to avoid and what to do to please Google:

Google SEO – Penguin 4.0 Update

Big G icon of Google

Google’s Panda search engine algorithm update back in mid 2012 had the online community buzzing in trepidation about the impact it would have on many online businesses.

The next major update was Penguin 3 but many sites never fully recovered its previous ranking. Then in October 2016: Penguin 4.0.

The community was buzzing again but this time with a more positive reaction.

Understanding Google Panda SEO

computer screen for search engine video marketing articleThe biggest SEO change last year was the implementation of Google Panda, which is the code name for Google’s ranking algorithm.

Read here to appreciate the differences between previous algorithms and Panda’s goal, which is to penalize SEO over-optimized sites that were created using unnatural, non-organic search engine tactics.

We can all agree that there are too many junk sites on the internet. We cannot blame Google for trying to…