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Free vs Paid Autoresponder Services

Free vs Paid Autoresponders

This post is about what you need to consider before choosing an Autoresponder (AR) service.

In the second part, I discuss free vs paid autoresponder tools and services.

An AR is an automated email tool. Businesses use it to send announcements and newsletters to boost sales and build subscriber relationships.

I do not know of any successful online marketer who does not use an autoresponder. It is an essential and powerful tool.

Is Clickbank a Sinking Ship?

Clickbank Vendor Policy Updates

I have noticed a downward trend recently in Clickbank sales. Is the economy responsible?  Perhaps, partly, but I believe the real cause has been the influx of misrepresented products and questionable tactics used by some big hitter marketers on Clickbank.

Since then Clickbank has updated its promotional guide several times in an effort to strengthen vendors compliance with FTC requirements

Facebook Customer Satisfaction Low

The American Customer Satisfaction Index July 2011 showed that Facebook had the lowest e-business customer satisfaction, at just 64. As a comparison, YouTube ranked 74 and Google Search Engine scored 80.

This trend continued in 2013. Read the July 2013 Press Report about the overall decline in customer satisfaction with search engine, social media and e-business generally.