Wealthy Affiliate Review

In this 2019 review of Wealthy Affiliate [WA], I explain what the business model is and what it isn’t. Do they teach a viable business model? I discuss the pros and cons of the platform and the main services and benefits.

I am a long time member. My review is based on my own experience and perspective.

The Demise of WakeUpNow: Review Update

The Wake Up Now opportunity is gone. Wake Up Now [WUN] was a network marketing discount coupon deal company.

Back in 2013, WUN surpassed the ranks of the then popular and now-known-as-scam Empower Network. It appears that they have succumbed to a similar fate. Innovation and some good features was not enough to make up for total mismanagement and an inherently weak and faulty business model.

We can learn to avoid the risks that come with business downfalls if we understand why they failed.

Video Image - WUN

Herbalife FTC Investigation Outcome

The Federal Trade Commission ordered multi-level company Herbalife to restructure its entire business. A $200 million settlement was reached to repay people who had been taken in by the company’s misleading moneymaking claims.

The FTC sends out settlement refund checks to nearly 350,000 people who lost money in Herbalife businesses.

The goal of my post, together with the documentary video (especially the question and answer session at the end), is to help your understanding of what to look out for when considering any MLM business. Multi-level marketing, when structured legally, is a legitimate business model. Unfortunately too many bad apples operate in the industry.


EZ Wealth Solution Review

EZ Wealth Solution is a direct sales internet company that has been online since 2008. Members are independent resellers.

I liked some aspects of the program, but not enough to stay on board after 3 months of participating.

The digital product packages exist to legitimize the ‘biz op’. To qualify for commissions, members must first buy the next product package level. They end up selling product packages to each other.

I have added an update to include information on DigisoftPayline, another Ron Walsh reseller program.

Auto Wealth Maker

This is not a review of Auto Wealth Maker. I offer personal observations based on my own experience with the product and the membership site.

Auto Wealth Maker [AWM] is promoted as a “Killer Niche Site & Traffic Generation Product That You Can Be Proud To Promote”. Is this the reality?

Auto Wealth Maker Software
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