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Learning vs Doing Mindset

learn by doing

We can fool ourselves into believing that by learning something new we are doing important work. Learning is but a stepping stone to doing something with our new knowledge.

If we do not apply our knowledge in a meaningful way, we may be knowledgeable but it does not make us productive or successful.

Learning is half of the success recipe. The other half is to do something purposeful with your knowledge.

Why Mastering the Basics Is Crucial

Frederich Nietsziche

Most of us know deep down that getting the basics right when starting any new project is fundamental to achieving success with it.

Who among us has not thought that learning the basics when acquiring new skills is usually the easy part and, therefore, we skim over it lightly so we can move ahead quickly.

If we take shortcuts at the beginning, we risk building a house of cards – it can topple over at the first wind…

Is It Your Online Business Or Just A Game

funny mouse web tool

It is never too late to think about the pros and cons of having your own online business. Not everyone seeking to make money online wants to have a business. Be clear: Is it your business or just a game?

Some people are content just to make a little extra cash, dabbling here and there. For them, it’s a hobby, something they do in their spare time.

And that’s fine. (I did that for years!). Not everyone should be their own boss. It has nothing to do with…

Make Money vs Income vs Wealth

ladder to successful earnings

If you have been working to improve your financial status, you have probably learned that making money is not the same as creating income, and creating income is not the same as creating wealth.

Many of us stumble online without having a clear goal at the outset. All we know is that we want to make money.

The ONE Secret To Success

It was Woody Allen who said “80 percent of success is just showing up”.  That is so true.  And that means showing up the second time, the third time and as many times as necessary to achieve a goal. Think about it, if you don’t show up, nothing happens, you don’t even get started. You …

Online Success Insights

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The challenge for many online marketers is to decide on what is the best road to follow to achieve success.  With so many methods and paths to building a nest egg or creating income online, it is often difficult to see the forest for the trees.

In the past ten years…