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Market Pricing Strategy – Genuine Offer Or A Ploy?

real or a ploy one time offer

As a customer, when shopping for goods and service, we all want to find a good deal.   We might be unaware of marketing techniques being used to influence us to buy, buy, buy!  To prevent us from having buyer’s remorse, it helps to be aware of common ploys used by marketers that make an offer seem good but when examined closely it falls short or is not genuine.

As a marketer, a valuable skill is knowing how to influence people to buy our product.  One way is to use an effective pricing strategy that can increase sales.

Affiliate Summit 2020, Las Vegas USA

Affiliate Marketing Road Sign

Affiliate Summit has been connecting affiliate marketers for 15 years. If you are an online marketer, or aspiring to be one and happen to be in Las Vegas or nearby, the conference dates are January 27-29, 2020 at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel. If you missed it the 2019 conference, I posted a video of a presentation by Neil Patel…

Digital Altitude Internet Business Temporary Shutdown


A Federal Court ordered the temporary shutdown of Digital Altitude, Aspire Ventures, Rise Systems Enterprises.  Charges were laid against the owners for making false claims that members would be given ‘individualized’ coaching to earn big money.

The FTC alleges that the claims by the company was more about selling more expensive membership levels than providing individual coaching.

Affiliate Marketing Outlook: 2018 and Beyond


The outlook for affiliate marketing in 2018 and beyond is exciting. The trend is alive and well now and the future of the industry is one of growth and expansion.

People of all ages and walks of life use the internet to earn affiliate commissions.

They do this by promoting brand products in their spare time.   Affiliate marketing is not rocket science and can be learned.   You will need a computer or mobile device, an internet connection and proper training on the current methods that work.


The Demise of WakeUpNow: Review Update

Video Image - WUN

The Wake Up Now opportunity is gone. Wake Up Now [WUN] was a network marketing discount coupon deal company.

Back in 2013, WUN surpassed the ranks of the then popular and now-known-as-scam Empower Network. It appears that they have succumbed to a similar fate. Innovation and some good features was not enough to make up for total mismanagement and an inherently weak and faulty business model.

We can learn to avoid the risks that come with business downfalls if we understand why they failed.

Herbalife FTC Investigation Outcome

The Federal Trade Commission ordered multi-level company Herbalife to restructure its entire business. A $200 million settlement was reached to repay people who had been taken in by the company’s misleading moneymaking claims.

The FTC sends out settlement refund checks to nearly 350,000 people who lost money in Herbalife businesses.

The goal of my post, together with the documentary video (especially the question and answer session at the end), is to help your understanding of what to look out for when considering any MLM business. Multi-level marketing, when structured legally, is a legitimate business model. Unfortunately too many bad apples operate in the industry.