5 Internet Business Mistakes To Avoid

When I started my home internet business, I found many opportunities that promised high income. It seemed easy. Join. Leave links everywhere. Wait for referrals and commissions to pour in.

But the earnings promised were nowhere in sight.


She Loves Tea But Sells Coffee!

The Internet Is a tool. How we use it is a choice. My friend loves tea, but she sells coffee. Read on to discover the lesson this holds for your online marketing endeavors.

I feel blessed and grateful to use the Internet in my online business. My appreciation for the comforts of working from home was strengthened after taking a job offline…

Internet Marketing vs Affiliate Marketing

In this post my goal is to clarify the meaning of common terminology used to describe online marketing methods and strategies.

What is the difference between internet marketing, affiliate marketing, online marketing, and multilevel or network marketing.

The main point to understand is that Internet Marketing is a broad umbrella term that includes different methods to market products and services online.

definition of marketing

Business Ideas For More Income

Are you looking for business improvement ideas and ways to generate more income from your home business, without the need to increase your client base? If you’re providing one-to-one online services, there are only so many hours in the day.

One option is to increase the fees that you charge for services. Another option is to increase your client base.

Increase Bottom Line

Reality Check: 7 Internet Marketing Myths

An online friend sent me an email a few weeks ago informing me that he is quitting internet marketing. I knew he was ranked high in Google and other search engines, so I was surprised that he would quit.

I assumed that because he ranked high in the search engines, he must be successful.  My friend set me straight, “Getting to No.1 on Google does not guarantee money in the bank.That’s a myth.”

internet marketing myths and facts
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