Multiple Websites vs One High Income Website

If you’ve been thinking about creating another website, or adding multiple sites to your business, this article can help you to make the right decision.

Building another site has been on my mind lately. The other day I spotted a deal to buy 50 niche website templates at an enticing low price.

which path - one website or multiple websites

Make Your Own Income Website

Chances are you landed on this website because you are looking for a way to earn legitimate income online.  If you are anything like me, you’re tired of the hype and false promises.

You want answers and the truth to questions such as: Can I make money with no investment?  Do I need my own website? If so, how do I make money with a website? How long does it take?

Questions and Answers

Back Up WordPress

Do you backup your WordPress site regularly? Imagine waking up one day and not finding your website on the internet!

To avoid losing your hard work and potential income, you must have a backup stored safely where you can grab it to restore your site.

Last year having a backup saved my site. It disappeared from the internet after I changed the domain…

Back Up Your Site - Just Do It.

Do You Have A Website Backup Plan

A while back I had a scare. This website disappeared, or so I thought. I could not see it on the web. I could not login to the admin area. I could not login to cPanel.

This brought back unpleasant memories of six years ago when a site I had built from scratch disappeared overnight. Eerily, that too happened around the same time of year.

back it up
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