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A friend asked me a question that gave me pause for thought.   She asked: “Are you a blogger or are you an affiliate marketer who blogs for profit?”

Her question gave me a jolt because I never thought of the two things as an either-or activity.  When I first started blogging, I thought it would be a chore but a necessity for marketing online.

My answer back then would have been that I’m an affiliate marketer first, blogger second.

But I discovered that I love blogging as much as affiliate marketing.

It makes good business sense to monetize the blog with affiliate ads for products and services that I use anyway.

See my affiliate disclosure statement.

If I decide to stop affiliate marketing and go on to something else, the likelihood is that I would blog about that something else!

The Difference Between Affiliate Marketing and Blogging

Affiliate marketing is about promoting and selling. Blogging is about sharing and communicating content that people may find interesting or beneficial.

It boils down to whether a blog offers value to its readers.

This question reminded me of why I changed from a static website to blogging platform in the first place.  Of course, referrals to my affiliate links are always much appreciated!

I would love to know your thoughts on this topic.  I invite you to post your comments.


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  • My site is about happiness. The points you discuss here are similar to the ones on my site but in a more detailed manner as ‘happiness’ is a big topic.

  • Awsome post and straight to the point. I am not sure if this is truly the best place to ask but do you guys have any idea where to get some professional writers? Thx :)

    • Thank you for your feedback. You might try doing a Google
      or Bing search for the term “professional content writers” or
      “content writing”. There are many such services.


    • I have never made money with affiliate marketing. It is not blogging, but can certainly be integrated into a blog. It is linking to items such as from amazon to your website. If someone buys an item from amazon that came from your site, you get a percentage of that sale.So you have to aggressively advertise your site in order for people to come to it. Then it’s up to the person to actually complete a purchase.

  • Interesting topic. I like the theme you’ve got on your site. What is the template by the way? I was thinking of by using this style for the web site I am building. I am going down the path of being both a blogger and an affiliate marketer – well, early days for me yet.

  • Thanks for posting this. It made me think about my own situation. I tried the blogging path and it did not work out for me. Maybe I didn’t stick with it long enough. I have a static site now but the search engines seem to like blogs more, so that is the way to go. Tiff

    • Hello Tiffee, thanks for visiting my site and posting. Sorry your link was removed. The comments must have a minimum of 2 full sentences to enable links on my website.


    • You are right. Search engines like the dynamic nature of blog sites that offer a steady flow of new website content. When you think about the business of search engines – they are always looking for new and interesting information to display to search engine users.

      You can always add a blogroll page to your static website and outsource the content of the blogging part.

      Thanks for visiting and sharing your comment. ~Jude

  • Now I understand the difference between blogger and marketer. I think this is vital info for me. So happy to read your article. : D. Excellent job,


  • Good website!! You could start many more. I love all the info provided. I will stay tuned.

    As for the question in your post, it is a valid point. Many bloggers blog only to make money. As you say, it is a chore, and you can always tell because the content is usually not kept up to date.

    I suppose the blogging part can be outsourced if someone really doesn’t like to do that task. It could still be a viable business.


  • This info is useful. It has been worth my time to read this article and I’ve checked out your other content too. I will add this website to my preferred for further reference. I have always wanted to have my own website and I’ve been reading up on what is involved. You have cleared up a question for me that I didn’t even know I might have one day. Thanks for posting this. I found it an interesting read.

    • I’m glad you found useful information in my post, Vanetta. You are doing the right thing by researching what is involved in having your own website. Fortunately, these days setting up a website is readily doable.

      You can jump right in here at no cost and give it a go.

      Adding content that people actually want to read is the challenging part of creating a website. If you need a hand with anything, let me know.


  • Interesting and useful concept to understand. Fortunately I found your website! It made me realize that I consider my website as a business and blogging is part of that business. I don’t see myself as a blogger, more of a marketer. When I don’t have time, I outsource the writing but it still takes a bit of work to edit the content to my satisfaction.

    The conclusion I reached that it’s more effective to be both, 50/50 – a blogger and a marketer.


  • Great post, I genuinely enjoyed reading it. Interesting point about the difference between marketing and blogging. Yes, of course, one is not the same as the other. Combined it can be a powerful marketing tool. I think people who do not like to blog will eventually give up on it. They will either get someone else to write the posts, or they will try other ways to get income.

    Keep up your efforts, thanks.

    • I agree with you Cate that it is the combination of both that makes it powerful. You’re point about people who do not like blogging is a good one. As you say, there are other options. It helps to love what you do, otherwise people give up too easily.

      Thanks for visiting and your input. ~Jude

  • I bookmarked » Blog Archive » DSC00247 on Digg, hope this helps get you more visits. You make an interesting point about the difference between blogging and affiliate marketing. Well, not all affiliate marketers use blogs as a tool. But it does provide one clarity in understand which role one is applying to the task.

    I truly believe your site should be getting more attention. I’ll be returning to see a great deal more, thanks for the blog post, it is superb.


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