Structure Data Markup – A Competitive Edge

Schema-based structured data markups enable rich snippets to be displayed in search with greater value and authority.

Anyone using it to the full extent will have an edge in attracting organic search engine traffic, at least until the practice becomes mainstream.

Multiple Websites vs One High Income Website

which path - one website or multiple websites

If you’ve been thinking about creating another website, or adding multiple sites to your business, this article can help you to make the right decision.

Building another site has been on my mind lately. The other day I spotted a deal to buy 50 niche website templates at an enticing low price.

Affiliate Marketing Outlook: 2018 and Beyond


The outlook for affiliate marketing in 2018 and beyond is exciting. The trend is alive and well now and the future of the industry is one of growth and expansion.

People of all ages and walks of life use the internet to earn affiliate commissions.

They do this by promoting brand products in their spare time.   Affiliate marketing is not rocket science and can be learned.   You will need a computer or mobile device, an internet connection and proper training on the current methods that work.


Internet Marketing vs Affiliate Marketing

definition of marketing

In this post my goal is to clarify the meaning of common terminology used to describe online marketing methods and strategies.

What is the difference between internet marketing, affiliate marketing, online marketing, and multilevel or network marketing.

The main point to understand is that Internet Marketing is a broad umbrella term that includes different methods to market products and services online.

Business Ideas For More Income

Increase Bottom Line

Are you looking for business improvement ideas and ways to generate more income from your home business, without the need to increase your client base? If you’re providing one-to-one online services, there are only so many hours in the day.

One option is to increase the fees that you charge for services. Another option is to increase your client base.

Make Your Own Income Website

Questions and Answers

Chances are you landed on this website because you are looking for a way to earn legitimate income online.  If you are anything like me, you’re tired of the hype and false promises.

You want answers and the truth to questions such as: Can I make money with no investment?  Do I need my own website? If so, how do I make money with a website? How long does it take?