Do you want to earn money online but not sure how to get started?  Tired of joining programs and being let down?

Making money is a skill.  It can be learned. Everyone starts at the beginning. First, take baby steps to make a website free, set goals, follow a plan, and learn how the money-making process really works.

Using the internet as a tool to achieve your goal is not magic.  People around the world are earning extra cash from home with their own website.  You can too.  Best of all, you can get rolling at no cost.

The Basic Money-Making Process

The first logical step is to have a clear understanding of the basic process of making money online.

Online Revenue Overview
Image: Courtesy of Wealthy Affiliate

Let’s say you successfully trained your dog and you want to share your success with others and make money too.  You then follow the steps:

Step 1:  choose ‘dog training’ as your interest
Step 2:  create a website about your dog training experience
Step 3:  learn how to drive targeted visitor traffic to your site
Step 4:  monetize your site with dog training affiliate products

When visitors buy the dog training affiliate products that you recommend on your website, you will earn a commission.

There is more involved, of course. Generating income involves doing some work. Money always flows in the direction of perceived value.  Show visitors an honest and reliable solution that fulfills their needs and they will consider your recommendations.

Goals for Creating Income Online

You need 3 things to generate income in the online space:

  • A website
  • Ways to monetize your website
  • Lots of visitor traffic

Here are my suggestions for a workable plan:

  • Learn WordPress , which is a content platform for building websites.
  • Once your website is up,  publish useful, relevant content that readers want.
  • Learn to drive targeted website traffic of people looking for information.
  • Monetize your site with affiliate products or your own products, or both.

 Learn How To Create, Build, And Earn

Why waste time with trial and error methods when you can learn how to go about getting the results you desire?

It might seem a bit scary at first but the information and skills can be gained one step at a time with proper training. For example, learn how to:

  • Write product reviews on your website.
  • Send visitor traffic to your reviews.
  • Grow organic search engine traffic.
  • Advertise and promote effectively
  • Build a following in social media.
  • Convert traffic to sales.

It might seem like a lot but broken down into simple action steps, you don’t have to become an expert to earn affiliate commissions or sell your own products.  You only need to know what action to take to attract revenue through your website.

Crucial Resources You Must Have To Get Started

  • Easy to follow training for everything you need
  • No guesswork,  a clear plan of action
  • Learn to build an income website in any niche
  • Strong support:  fast answers, quick tutorials

Here is the plan, in a little more detail:

First, learn how to create and manage your own website. Not just any website, but one that becomes an income source through any interest of your choice. These days you don’t have to be a web designer to get an income-producing website up and running.

Second, you need easy-to-follow training designed to teach you how to generate a consistent income from your website.  That’s right, turn any hobby, interest or passion into a source of revenue.  Learn how to build and market your website in the right way.

Third, you must have access to fast support for you and your website. Let’s face it, when you have a question, you want an answer as soon as possible, especially when things go wrong.  A great support network can make a huge difference to your success.

successSuccess is a journey.  When we hear about people becoming an overnight success, once we know their full story, we realize that they’ve been preparing for success for a long time.

Whether you are new with no experience, or you have tried various options but did not make the progress you had hoped for — we’ve got you covered.  We’ll help you to create a website that you will be proud to share with your family, friends and the world.

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12 thoughts on “Baby Steps To Affiliate Income”

  1. Thanks for an interesting post as it confirms that I am on the right track. I’m currently going through the process of setting up my website. I’ve got the website going – I’m in love with the look of my site, and I’m getting some great information on there. I am now trying to build up a following. It is a lot of work but I am loving it as I am finally sharing my passion with others. I’m sure as more people find my site I will be able to make a living from home blogging. I never believed that I could do this affiliate marketing but I’m doing it. I will be back to your site to follow your progress and read some more tips.

    1. I’m so glad that you are making good progress with your website. The fact that you love the look of your site and are continuing to add great information indicates that you are definitely on the right track.

      As you build out your awesome content with keywords that attract people with a common interest, you will start to see your traffic increase. A little more elbow grease and patience and you will achieve your goals.

      Thank you for visiting my site and your feedback- I value your input.

      Much success with your website, Megan. Let me know if I can help you out in any way.


  2. Neil

    It’s great to finally find a place to get started as an affiliate marketer with straight forward steps. :)

    As a newbie, it can be challenging to get started online without any real guidance. Some successful affiliates will tell you what they’re doing on the web to make money, but not “how” you can do it.

    Deciding on an interest, creating a website and learning how to build it to earn an income sounds like the perfect plan to me.

    Thanks for the help on starting an affiliate business from scratch.


    1. When I started online, I used the trial and error method. I could have saved heaps of time, money and frustration by having the right training and guidance at the outset.

      Thank you for stopping by, Neil. I appreciate your feedback.


  3. Norman

    Hello and thanks for sharing baby steps to affiliate income. our post is well detailed and has a lot of good information that will really be of good benefit to all your readers.

    This type of business has such great potential to have you living the kind of life that you always dream of. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Jude Banks

      I certainly agree with the potential of affiliate marketing.

      It will continue to grow and expand by leaps and bounds in the years ahead because businesses big and small are starting to recognize what a cost effective business model it is for them.  I guess Amazon has led the way in that arena. 

      Thank you Norman for stopping by and your feedback.  ~Jude

  4. Dustin

    These are great tips for someone just starting out.

    I’ll add my two cents to your plug for Wealthy Affiliate. I joined a couple months ago and was really impressed with the first half of the training. When it gets to the social media training, I feel like the quality and depth of the lessons drops a bit. But still feel there is value in continuing on with the community support and obviously the hosting.

    1. Jude Banks

      Hello Dustin, I understand your point abou social media content.  The training is in Level 4  “Mastering Social Engagement”.  I agree, it provides the foundation and basic essentials for using social media effectively.   

      I can recommend further training that might help you:

      Jay’s (magistudios) webinars – he has 6 Webinars (maybe more ) focusing on various aspects of the use and management of social media – have you had a chance to view those yet?

      Another member who publishes valuable training is Robert (boomergp08). He shares practical information and insight into FB, G+ and Twitter based on how he uses those services. 

      Bothewebguy has published some solid evergreen content about the strategies he uses for managing his clients’ social media promotions. 

      If you need any help tracking those down, let me know.  Thank for your valuable input.  I appreciate it   ~Jude

  5. Chris

    I’ve always been interested in this affiliate gig as a good friend of mine took on a fishing tackle business with it many years ago – came good for him!

    I have heard whispers of Amazon being included in this these days – do they take on affiliates for their products and how easy is it to get accepted?

    1. Jude Banks

      Hello Chris, your friend’s fishing tackle business is a perfect example of how a hobby or interest can be turned into an income generating website.  

      The common mistake newbies make is applying to the Amazon Associate Program before they have a proper website with sufficient content and traffic flowing.  Fortunately they let you apply again.

      The Amazon affiliate program started in 1996.  In January 2017 they had an inventory of 398 million products.  

      I live in Australia and although we’ve had Kindle and books for a while, the main store is due to arrive on our shores later this year. Our retailers are nervous  – how do they compete with the juggernaut?  One way would be to add an affiliate program to their retail business.  That would be good news for the affiliate marketing industry in Australia.   ~Jude

  6. Phil

    Well done on giving an awesome, simplified account of how we can make an online business that won’t cost the earth and most importantly, we can work from home.

    As you rightly point out, we will begin with the basics, learn the fundamentals and then progress onwards and upwords with the assistance of the training and education that comes with this opportunity.

    We have no excuses anymore as the step by step training is easy to understand and follow

    Cheers Phil Browne

    1. Jude Banks

      Hello Phil, I am a believer in mastering the fundamentals.  Some people, in their eagerness to make money, or because they lack time,  might rush through the basics of learning any new skill.  That can be like trying to build a house without setting a proper foundation. 

      I feel blessed to be able to work from home these days and only take on work outside when it suits me. I well remember the days when the reverse was the reality.  

      Thank you for taking the time to read my post and posting your feedback.  Much appreciated.  ~Jude

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