Co-Owner Kyle at Wealthy Affiliate has written an article about the outlook for affiliate marketing in 2018 and beyond.

The key message is that the affiliate marketing trend is alive and well now and the future of the industry is one of growth and expansion.

I will summarize the key points in Kyle’s article. The link to read the full article is at the end of this post.

Summary of Key Points in Kyle’s Article

  1. The offline retail industry will continue to need a growing number of affiliate marketers in order to be competitive in the online shopping marketplace. Companies like Sears and Toys R Us are going out of business because they have not focused on the growth of their online market. It is a new economy and affiliates can help retailers grow their sales, a win-win!
  2. Companies with affiliate programs will be on the lookout to attract authority bloggers and niche experts to partner with their affiliate services.
  3. As the population grows, so do affiliate and online marketing opportunities.
  4. With improving technology, affiliate authority sites can expand market reach by including e-commerce niche products and services.
  5. While Amazon has the lion’s share of online sales now, it offers a low, stepped commission structure. You need to make over 3000 sales to reach 8.5{b836676211964b66ddb1a94012779accd2cb69eec60a63bc16d10fd7c8344bc8} commission.  The retail industry has thousands of affiliate programs and their numbers are increasing.  Many offer more profitable commission rates than Amazon.

Earn Commissions For Promoting Brand ProductsMarketing Affiliate Brand Products

People of all ages and walks of life use the internet to earn affiliate commissions.

They do this by promoting brand products in their spare time.   Affiliate marketing is not rocket science and can be learned.

You will need a computer or mobile device, an internet connection and proper training on the current methods that work.

You can start with no financial investment.  Many businesses need people like you (affiliates) to help sell their products. Big companies and business owners want you to join their affiliate programs.

Tens of thousands of merchants place their products into affiliate networks.  Find them by searching for keyword phrases such as  ‘affiliate networks popular in [current year]’.

Affiliate Marketing Online Explained

Merchants provide affiliates with advertising materials. These include banners, text ads, information videos, and email templates.  The merchant will give you a unique affiliate ID code. This code tracks your affiliate sales.

Your job as an affiliate is to send visitors to the affiliate links you have posted on the web.  For example, include links on your own website and share your website in social media;  add links in emails to your customers and subscribers; participate in forums where you are allowed to add signature links.


Do You Need Your Own Website

CanStock License. Having your own domain is recommended. It improves your chances of becoming an affiliate.

The time to join affiliate networks is after you have a website up and running. Your website should have informative articles, product reviews and comparisons, user feedback and testimonials.

Nothing beats having a well optimized website that attracts like-minded visitors.

Extra Steps To Grow Affiliate Income

A common mistake affiliate marketers make is to focus on making money. You must have a sincere desire to create and deliver value to your website visitors.

People want to know what is in it for them. They want to know what benefit or deal they will get out of it. Most of all they want your honest opinion, including any downside of a product or service.  Some ways to boost your bottom line are:

  • Become an expert on your affiliate product or service
  • Write your own ads to stand out from the crowd
  • Create a free newsletter for subscribers
  • Participate in discussion boards related to the products
  • Recommend the products in social media and point visitors to your website (not to the product directly)

Next Generation Affiliates Will Have Professional Training

Affiliate Business Community HelpTechnologies and new platforms are changing the online landscape.  Old ways no longer work.  New affiliate business techniques are emerging. The affiliate marketer of today must not only stay current but ahead of the pack.  It is vital to get the latest training for methods and strategies that are working right now.

How does one get started with affiliate marketing?  There’s a bit more to it than adding a link or banner on the web. All too often there is a gap between learning and being able to do what is required

That usually happens when one conducts business online in a hit and miss fashion. It is easy to overlook important aspects of the internet marketing process.

The solution is to get the skills needed to prosper online. Read Kyle’s full article here.  Or, click below to find out more.


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4 thoughts on “Affiliate Marketing Outlook: 2018 and Beyond”

  1. Some good advice – thanks!

    I especially like the getting involved aspect – it’s too easy to just view affiliate marketing as taking your “cut” from the sale and forget that there are actually real people buying the products we’re promoting. I guess that’s the flipside of internet anonymity but becoming less faceless is well worth doing.

    1. Thanks for visiting my site and your feedback, Trevor. I agree with your point about not forgetting that we are dealing with real people who are searching for real solutions. Trust is everything in life and in business. ~Jude

  2. Rolf K. Bratli

    Hi Jude,

    this was very informative and I wished that I could have written it as you did.

    But it has inspired me to get back and try to find my own voice to tell a story like yours

    Keep up the good work!

    Rolf K Bratli

    1. Glad you found my post informative, Rolf, and that it inspired you to go for it too.

      Let me know when you have published your article. I look forward to reading it.

      Kind regards,

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